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Composers for Relief: Supporting the Philippines


UPDATE: You can now find everything about Composers for Relief on our brand new website -> http://www.ComposersForRelief.com

This website being online since March 2013 it was time to start a bigger project to help the people who need it most these days: Together with musicians from all over the globe over 30 composers from 16 countries in the world contributed 28 tracks to raise funds for the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). All profits will go to Gawad Kalinga (“give care”) and GVSP (Gualandi Volunteer Service Programme) supporting the efforts in distributing food packs and rebuilding the destroyed cities of more than 12 million people who have been affected by the typhoon. Gawad Kalinga and GVSP have been chosen after consultation with locals in the Philippines.

“Composers for Relief: Supporting the Philippines” is a compilation of 16 newly composed tracks as well as 12 not commercially available to the public, rearranged pieces from composers for movie scores, tv series, commercials, games and trailers. Up and coming composers, the youngest being 14 and 16, as well as already established award winning composers and musicians collaborated to raise as many funds as possible.

The tracklist:

  1. A New Dawn – Satnam RamgotraNicolas NeidhardtWayne Sharpe
  2. Our Nature – Valentin Boomes
  3. Existence – Nick Murray
  4. Spes Et Libertas – Iliya Zaki
  5. Rise Again – Red Ochsenbein feat. Deane Ogden & Stefan Schroff
  6. A Cup of Peace – Attila Áts
  7. Continuum – Ed Watkins
  8. Rebirth – Tera feat. Gabriel Lee
  9. Dumakulem – Juan Iglesias
  10. God Is With You – Hendric Bünck feat. Pascale Scarabin
  11. The Best Is yet to Come – Daniel Vulcano feat. Fabiano Pereira
  12. This Is Not the End – Petteri Sainio
  13. Hymn of Faith – Jochem Weierink
  14. Fighting Back – Dreammaker
  15. Aurora – Renan Javier Cabrera
  16. Right Time – Brisom
  17. Into the Unknown – Geoffrey Vernon
  18. Renaissance – Ainan Celeste Cawley
  19. Beautiful Life – Lauri Koivisto
  20. Hope – Debbie Teong feat. Hope [the singer’s name really is Hope]
  21. The Power of Will – Ivan Torrent
  22. Moonside – Raphael Tschernuth
  23. The Phoenix – Celestia
  24. New Days – Coldnoise
  25. Your Heart Is Brave – Synthphonia feat. Monika Emat
  26. Requiem for a Queen – M² feat. Dina Fanai [M² consists of Michael A. Levine & Man Parrish]
  27. No More – Phillip Lober feat. Cedric Hyon
  28. One – Ryo Ishido feat. Nik Kershaw

The Philippines and its music industry are represented by Brisom, an Indie Rock band around singer- songwriter Brian Sombero from Makati.

Credits of the composers and artists include main melodies for the most played online game “League of Legends”, placements in trailers for “Pirates of the Carribean”, “Philomena”, “Star Trek Into Darkness” “Dallas Buyers Club”, “Looper” as well as contributions to the soundtracks and scores for series (e.g. “Cold Case”) or movies (“Hunger Games Catching Fire”, “Pacific Rim”, “Man of Steel”, “Rush”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, …) – leaving alone multiple placements in commercials and tv shows.

Additionally Ryo Ishido’s contribution alone brought together over 40 artists collaborating over 11 month including Nik Kershaw and Michael Sadler from SAGA as well as Tina Guo and Alex Pfeffer featured again in multiple scores for media. Being an independent project it will also be available as a single very soon. Its raised funds as a single will go to the Children’s Hunger Fund.

“Composers for Relief: Supporting the Philippines” has been mastered by self employed musician and teacher Simeon Harris.
“Fighting Back” has been mixed by Benjamin Müller.

The album is available on ITunesAmazonCDBaby, Spotify, Bandcamp and many other platforms. Listen to some of the tracks here via soundcloud. If you have access to spotify you will also find every single track on the right of this article free to stream.

Here also for you in big the awesome cover desgin by Ryo Ishido:


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